Racing to 10% BF

In the spirit of friendly competition, Colum and I are battling to be the first to reach 10% BF.  10%BF is a lofty goal that is difficult to achieve without serious commitment.  Winning will take everything I know and doing it all at once and staying committed to a lot of exercise as well as a strict diet.

To start with I’m going to be heavily restricting my carbs. Zero sugar, no wheat, and very few starchy vegetables.  This was what proved to be the most effective diet I ever tried.  I will attempt to eat fewer than 50g of Net Carbohydrates per day in order to induce ketosis, a state where much of your body’s energy comes from keytones rather than blood sugar.

Effectively it means eating nuts to snack on through the day, and having lots of salads with some meat for meals.

The second component is exercise, which is more difficult since it requires more of a time commitment. I will be developing a program with a 50/50 split between cardio and strength training which according to research is the most effective way to lose fat.  Ideally I’d like to target 1 hour of exercise per day. To get to that level I may have to restart my early morning routine.

Colum started with a 6% lead on me for %BF so I have some catching up to do if I’m going to win.