The Challenge Gets Real

The 10% body fat challenge has been consuming my life for the past week and a half.

Colum and I have decided to raise the stakes by placing a wager on it. Based on some psychology we decided to use a negative motivator rather than a positive one.  The loser has to donate a non-trivial amount of money to the Conservative Party. With that as the stakes Heather simply won’t let me lose.

To boost my chances I have invested in a spin bike to get more exercise at home. For the last week I have managed to cycle at least 30 minutes per day and one 2 hour session on Sunday. I’ve also organized my weights and kettle bells  so that it’s a bit easier to mix weight training into my routine.

Pair that exercise schedule with a greatly reduced calorie intake and I have been seeing some early wins.

I now weigh in at the lowest I have in the last 3 years. and am hopeful that I can (with a lot of effort) get back to my best level of fitness since I was heavily training for marathons in Vancouver in 3 more weeks.

In total I estimate that I will have to lose 20-25lbs of fat depending on the amount of muscle I gain from weight training. It will take me down to a goal weight of about 150lbs.  At a safe pace of 2lbs per week that will take another 9 weeks assuming no plateaus or setbacks.