Getting Intense

This challenge with Colum has been getting steadily more competitive.  The race to 10% body fat has us intensely focused on losing weight as quickly as possible.

The latest change to my routine has been switching to biking to work.  25 minutes each way in addition to the 35 minute session on the spin bike at home gives me almost 1.5 hours of cardio exercise every day.

In my new office I have the opportunity to use a standing desk which I started with yesterday and will be working up to using it all day.  A standing desk should be a bit better for me than sitting all day.

I have also very aggressively cut my daily calorie intake.

Despite this effort, progress has been slower than expected. I have lost 6 lbs. since starting this roughly a month ago. Which is pretty good, but in this competition I’m not sure it’s enough win.