My Personal Brand

Over the last week several things have popped into my news feed mixed with conversations I’ve had which brought up the idea of honing my personal brand.

I’m not much of a fan of brand marketing in general but I’ve been doing some more research and reading about the idea.

Personal branding is about taking the techniques used by big companies to create a persona around a corporation and apply it to you as a person.  That may include creating media assets, publications, books, blogs, videos, podcasts, advertising etc which are used to give people and impression about who you are.

The goal of creating a personal brand for me would be that if people looked me up or came across me they would be impressed by my accomplishments, see me as a guru in whatever my expertise is, and if they’re looking for help in that area reach out to me for speaking engagements, consulting gigs etc.  Also if it came time for me to look for another job, a solid brand would enable me to demand a higher salary at a top company.

Over the last few days I’ve started crafting a brand strategy.  Depending on how it goes you may see some big changes to my online presence.  this blog, and other communication outlets could get a refresh.