Hello World!

I’m a Dad!

at 1337 on Oct 10th Ada Warren was born.

Wednesday night at 11:30pm  Heather’s water broke, we made our way to the hospital. After a quick exam a bigger gush of water came out. We were told to take a walk around the hospital for an hour to try and get contractions to start.

The labor and delivery ward was pretty quiet at 1am and a room was available for us to take at that time. We got prepped and soon afterwards contractions started. By 6am things had stalled out. 3 hours later we decided to intervene with some Oxytocin, the drugs had a pretty quick effect on the contractions which became much more intense.

At about 1030 we started pushing. In various positions – the most effective was a stool to sit on. We had to get the baby to turn- she was sideways. After 3 hours of pushing Heather was exhausted and the baby seemed happy to stay inside.  At 1pm Heather and I had been without sleep for 30 hours and were willing to evaluate some options to expedite the delivery.

In consultation with several doctors we opted to use a vacuum. The delivery room quickly filled with more nurses and specialists as they prepped for the procedure.

The vacuum was scary procedure. After inserting the suction devise there was tear and blood, when it came time to bear down I started to feel light headed and had to step back from the action, and sit on the floor while one of the doctors went to get me some apple juice.  A couple of minutes later I was able to get back up and help Heather though things. It was a bit of a blur when the doctor announced that the baby was born and held her up so we could see she was a girl.

I was able cut the cord and they took the baby over to the warmer to be cleaned a weighed and checked. Heather  was in a lot of pain while they removed the placenta and started stitching her 3rd degree tear.

All three of us were able to take our time after that to get everything put back into order before getting transferred down the hall to postpartum.


After 24 hours in postpartum we were discharged on Friday evening and finally able to bring little Ada home.

On Saturday the public health nurse visited to see how things were going and found signs of jaundice.  We were told to go over to the hospital for a night of light therapy.



On Sunday morning we were cleared to go home again. And today everything looks to be good.



We are certainly glad that Heather’s parents were able to fly out and be here.  The first few days have been extremely hectic and even a little bit of help at home has been invaluable.

The first few days of Ada’s life has been an exhausting and emotional roller-coaster. I’m sure the ride will continue