Cold Calgary

This past week was a cold one.  Temperatures dropped down to near record lows of almost -30 – closer to -40 with the windchill. Makes me want to get a second home in a more temperate climate.  I can see the appeal of those snowbirds who live in palm springs in the winters.

-40 is shockingly cold. Skin will freeze in 10 minutes.  Your fingers will sense frostbite drawing near in just the time it takes to brush snow off the car.

Luckily with a big jacket and some rediculous hats and mits it’s possible to actually enjoy the cold.

At those temperatures humidity drops out of the air, clouds don’t form and so it stays sunny and the night sky provides crystal clear views of the stars.

Also luckily, Calgary gets breaks in the cold snaps. temperatures for next week are predicted to be up to 25 degrees warmer.