Making Coffee

Heather and I have always been focused on making good coffee at home. We own two french presses, a stovetop espresso percolator and a tasimo machine.  This week however those have all been superseded by a standard drip coffee maker.

The goal was to start making my morning routine more automated. To have the smell of brewing coffee waft into the bedroom at 5am to help get me up and doing things (like writing this blog post).

Having a pot of fresh coffee ready to pour provides the impetus to get up while it’s still freshly brewed.

Though it’s only a couple days now with this new routine I’ve learned a few things.

  • So far, it’s working – I’ve been happily getting up between 5-6am (2 hours earlier than usual)
  • Getting something in your stomach early immediately jumpstarts the morning more than I expected
  • The morning really is a great time to get things done
  • A little bit of prep in the evening goes a long way

It takes two minutes in the evening to fill the coffee machine with water and grounds. Those two minutes help give me two more hours to be productive everyday.

With newfound time this week I have already written two blog posts, watched a documentary, gotten an hour of exercise, reacquainted myself with some coding tools (tmux and vim) and published my shell/vim config files to github. Solid.