Waking up Early

Since starting my new job and having Ada around my time to get personal projects done has dwindled to nothing. Those personal projects are what allows me to learn new things, and feel confident in myself.  Unfinished projects add up over time until I have a stressful amount of work on my shoulders.

I’m going to attempt (again) to start getting up earlier in the morning to get some productive “me” time to get some exercise done and work on my projects.

There’s something magical about the quiet time in the morning before other people and things make demands of your time. Waking up early is a trait of many of the worlds most successful people.

Here are some tips I’ll be employing to wake up at 4am:

  • Be ready for the morning – have clothing ready to go.. the less stumbling in the dark the better.
  • Have computers charged and office ready
  • Automate coffee brewing
  • Queue up interesting videos to watch while exercising – something to look forward to
  • Anticipate the colder mornings by having slippers, and robe ready
  • Get to bed earlier
  • Know what I want to do in the morning – exercise, coding, blog, web design, learn something etc.
  • Maintain the habit even if I don’t have a specific thing to do – watch some TV/play games as fall back
  • Keep water on the bedside table to have right when I wake up
  • Maintain a better todo list for things I have procrastinated on – work through that list.
  • Get some night lights to prevent stumbling and having to turn on the main lights

We’ll see how it works out.