Ada is growing

Hard to believe that Ada is 3 1/2 months old already.  She has been growing quickly.

We started taking her swimming at the YMCA.  They do a baby class there where the instructors sing some songs and walks through some activities.  Ada obviously can’t do much at 3 months old, but she seems comfortable in the water.  We did get her head under.

Within the last month Ada has discovered how to put things in her mouth.  If something is within reach she can grab it and has the coordination to get it to her mouth most of the time.

She also seems content to skip the crawling phase and jump straight to walking. She has liked standing up pretty much since she was born. With encouragement she now has the leg strength to do a squat and to put her weight on one leg.  When holding her up she will take steps. Though she doesn’t yet have the coordination or balance to stand on her own it doesn’t seem that far off. The earliest I could find for a kid walking was 6 months, Ada seems on track for that.