Motorcycle SOLD

On Thursday I sold my motorcycle. I have mixed feelings about seeing it go.

I really enjoyed the trips we took on that bike. We have some great memories so there is an emotional attachment.

On the other hand there’s no way to go on a trip with Ada sitting on the back so we wouldn’t have a chance to enjoy it much for the next few years.

Selling it  also gave me the money to make progress on my New Years resolution. I was able to put $1000 into a new trading account to buy stocks, and was able to pay down the car loan enough to eliminate one year worth of payments.  We’ll have the car totally paid off later this year eliminating another monthly expense.

Another bike is definitely in my future.  But probably not for a few years.

A couple lessons learned about selling a motorcycle in Calgary.  All the buyers are checking Kijiji, and all the scammers look for cell phone numbers so the way to go seems to be to list without posting your phone number, get the initial email and then switch to phone conversations from there on.  Only deal with local buyers and only accept certified check for payment.