too many computers?

There are quite a few computers in the house.

  • Heather has a MacBook Pro for herself
  • I have a Macbook Air that I use most of the time and leave around the house
  • In my office there is an old 2009 Mac Mini which is showing it’s age but mostly acts as a machine to host my music and movies
  • I also have a Macbook Pro for work which I try to keep my personal stuff off of
  • There is the new PC that I built which currently is a hackintosh
  • There is also a rack mounted server which is currently going unused because it’s too loud to leave on

Currently I don’t have a backup solution in place.  When I built the PC I salvaged pieces from my backup Linux server leaving it non-functional.  All those computers and no backups in place is an accident waiting to happen.

So looks like I’ll be rebuilding a Linux server, adding yet another computer to the collection in the house.   Just as soon as I find the time.