Ada Walking

On Tuesday, Ada took her first un-assisted steps.  It’ll be a while until she develops the confidence to really get around the house on her own, but clearly that time is coming.

I was convinced that she would be walking much earlier than this.  She was putting weight on her legs since she was 1 week old and I have been walking her around the house holding her hands for the past 4 months.  During those past 4 months I have been slowly providing less support.  She’s had the strength to walk on her own for a while, but the coordination, balance and confidence needed to catch up.

We’re starting to see the difficulty that will happen when she run around the house.  Ada’s mobility skills are outstripping her english so we are having to close doors and baby proof the house a bit.  She doesn’t yet understand that rolling off the bed is a bad idea.  There’s no way to explain it to someone with zero vocabulary.