Reading Fewer Blogs

For years I have had an extensive reading list of blogs that I read through everyday.  Scanning through 200+ blog posts per day was a way for me to keep up with the latest things happening.  However, the time it takes to read through everything was significant. I’ve decided to greatly reduce my subscribed blogs and have cut it from 200+ posts/day  down to 20 per day.

The intention isn’t to cut down on my time for reading but to finish reading more books.  Books as opposed to blogs are higher quality writing. Published authors go through multiple stages of review; ideas have been curated and much more thought out and the words edited many times over before making it to print. As a result, books seem to offer more value.

I have a stack of books that have been taking a very long time to whittle away at and I want to get through them.  Hopefully this change will help.