Tele 10 Finished

One more thing to knock off the bucket list.  Yesterday Heather and I finished the Tele 10 race in St. John’s.  My time was good considering zero training runs over the last few months.  I was counting on the adaptation to Calgary altitude to help me power through the race.  That seemed to work.  At no point in the race was I straining for breath and I was able to do the race without stopping to walk.

The Tele 10 was one of the best runs I’ve done. Having a mostly downhill course was nice and the crowds are huge with cheers coming all along the route.  One thing I wasn’t quite prepared for was the level of humidity. The sweat never seemed to evaporate and as a result it was easy to overheat. At one point near the end some salty sweat dripped into my eye and was quite a distraction until I got a bottle of water to wash it out.

Final time was 1:47. which could have been improved on with some training but I’m happy with because it didn’t feel difficult.  When I woke up in the morning I was still feeling jet lagged and wasn’t sure I’d be able to finish.