Why is it so Cold

This week has been a difficult one for biking to work.  On Friday it hit – 35 with snow.

Biking required the full snow suit including ski goggles.  Despite the slow slog home it still was probably more pleasant than being stuck in a car, gridlocked and worried about all the cars around that still have summer tires on just tempting fate.  I would much rather be safely off the roads.

Over the past 3 days Calgary police were called to about 1000 collisions in the city of which at least 57 accidents involved an injury.  And that doesn’t include the number of accidents that didn’t require the police.  Trying to get a grasp of the cost of loss to property (and life) as a result of trying to drive around the city would be a very interesting exercise.

Luckily this cold snap should break next week and the temperature will jump up by 20-30 degrees for a while.