I love to support movies that I think support positive visions of the future with a constructive, based in reality perspective.  We just purchased Interstellar. which is probably one of the most intriguing movies I’ve watched in a while.

Based in a post-war future where the climate of Earth is devolving into a dust bowl and food and survival is in crisis. The movie tells the story of the people who transcend humanity into a future where we have control of space and time.  It’s quite amazing that during the development of the movie they actually published a scientific paper based on the accurate simulation a black hole.

The solid fact based science behind really made a difference for me.

So much of current TV seems to devolve as good ideas turn into mass audience crap.  Big Bang Theory started out as a smart show where the content of the show featured actual science — current seasons have turned the show into just another sitcom.  “House of Lies” – another favourite show, started as a cool view into the world of management consulting industry, and turned into preposterous sexual drama.  “Mad Men” was interesting when they focused on advertising, but the current season is all boring office politics.  It seems that the good shows have good writers at the start and then trade out for mediocre ones once the shows get established.

When there is a good quality content tv or movie, I do what I can to support it.  If you haven’t seen Interstellar yet, it’s fantastic and worth watching.