Book Reports

For the last couple weeks I have been trying to catch up on my goal for reading 36 books this year.  Progress so far has been good and I have gotten through a decent backlog of books that I have wanted to read.  With the new morning routine of  reading before the day starts I have built some momentum that keeps me interested in finishing the books throughout the day when I have a spare few minutes.

All this reading has been giving me quite a few new insights.  The bulk of my reading this year has been in entrepreneurship and management areas.

One new practice that I have started to do with the last 3 books I have finished is to write a book report.  Just a 1-page report of the major impressions from the book, any lessons worth keeping and any other notes I want to have if I need a quick refresh about the book.  It’s like high school. When I think back to books I read just 1 year ago, my memory is fuzzy of anything specific

One of the things I want to get better at is recalling the title and author of the books I’m reading. Writing the report forces me to learn how to spell the authors name and type out the title of the book. I’m hopeful that that simple thing alone will help me recall the books I’ve read so that I can more quickly talk about them in conversation.

It seems like a nice habit to have, and I hope it proves worthwhile.