Morning Routine Redux

Last year I had a morning routing going for a while but after a while I fell back into my old habits of spending the early hours of the day scanning Facebook in bed instead of what I was actually intending to do.

Last week I got a tip to never leave your phone in your bedroom.  It’s just too tempting. I decided to try it out.

For the last couple of days I have been putting my phone in the kitchen before bed.  It’s close enough that I can hear the alarm go off, which forces me out of bed.  And once I’m up I’m more likely to stay up.

My morning routine looks like this now:

6am: wake up
immediately have some breakfast
read or write for at least 30 minutes.

The hope is that I can keep this up and do some catch up on my reading goal for the year.  By setting aside some quiet time in the morning to read I’m hoping to make a dent in the backlog of books.