Yesterday morning I weighed myself and was not shocked but was disappointed to see that I had gained 10lbs since March.  Over the last couple of months I’ve given into more cravings for sweets than I should have, and now it’s catching up on me.

So I’m starting a program to lose that extra bulk and trim back down.

This time I’m going to be taking on a low carb diet as well as some strength training exercises.  Planning on trying to squeeze in 30 minutes of heavy weights every day by getting up just a little bit earlier in the morning.

From my reading about exercise I have come to appreciate the value of strength training (in particular Olympic lifts) in comparison to cardio (running & biking) for both general health and for weight loss.  Especially since having a child the value of being able to lift a 30lb body up and down multiple times per day and not get tired or strained is important.  Being strong seems much more valuable than being able to run long distances.

That’s the plan, I started today and am tracking everything with MyFitnessPal.