Star Trek Future

startrekGene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, based his vision on the premise that science and technology will ultimately save us from all of our basic needs and leave the entire population free to be fully self-actualized.  This positive future outlook is lacking from most science fiction movies.

The hope that we get from Star Trek is what makes it such a compelling vision.  One that we can use to guide our future development.

This is something that I’ve been pondering about all weekend.

In Maslow’s Hierarchy the basic needs are air, food, drink, shelter, sleep, sex and warmth.  None of these are currently “solved” problems.

What would it take to solve food, so that nobody has to ever worry about having access to good healthy food anytime they want to eat? It would have to be free, physically accessible, healthy and essentially unlimited, it would need to be de-coupled from available agricultural land and require no labor.  Star Trek solves this with the replicator.

Obviously we are nowhere near the technology needed for this sort of device to work, but it serves as a guide to go after the big audacious goals like solving food.  By presenting a possible future where food is a solved problem it challenges us to work backwards until there is a next step that can incrementally moves us towards that future.

It’s something that I think more people and businesses need to bake into their lives and cultures.  Is there something you can take action on that will move the needle?