2015 in Review

This past year went by too fast, but still things were accomplished that I’m proud of, goals were hit and we had a lot of fun.

Back in January I set my goals for the year.

  • Read more – accomplished.  I read a lot more books, wrote book reports for most of them and blogged about a few.
  • Practice programming – I got my github streak up to 250 days before getting side lined by a summer road trip and abandoning it.  The focus was at deepening my knowledge of Python and I think gain a lot of expertise from the practice.
  • Side business – never got very far with this.  A couple of false starts, but ultimately I just couldn’t find the time to do all the work required to complete and launch any products.

Other big events from the past year include:

  • Improved my eyesight by about 1 diopter.
  • bone bruise on my rib that hurt for like 4 weeks
  • made enough money betting on an oil crash to re-shingle the roof
  • Week long camping road trip to the okanogan
  • did a bunch of reading about the solar industry and completed some business analysis on it
  • Was actively day trading for an hour in the morning before work.  On several days I made more than a week’s salary before starting work.
  • We sold the house, sold a lot of our stuff, and planned a move to Ottawa for the 2016.
  • Ended the year 10lbs lighter than I started it.