Selling Everything!

We will be moving across the country in just 6 weeks.  After some initial quotes from moving companies we realized just how expensive it is to ship a house worth of stuff 3300km.  We have been quoted over $6,000 for our small house!

In an effort to reduce that cost as much as possible we are selling as much as we can before hitting the road.  Anything that we don’t use, or is nearing it’s end of life, or is easier to sell here and buy there is going.

We’re attempting to get everything we want to keep down to 500cf.  Everything needs to fit into one small room.

And everything else is going on Kijiji.

Over the next few weeks almost every room will be emptied of stuff.  It’s amazing how much crap accumulates in 5 years and it will be a big relief to declutter a lot of it.