Wonderful Low Key Christmas

In a continuing effort we are downsizing everything we own and being conscious not to buy very much and as a result this Christmas was not an overwhelming amount of toys and gadgets. It was nice.

We have just 4 weeks to go before we pack up the house and drive across the country.  It’s getting down to the line on selling all our big pieces of furniture. The continual minimization has been very stress relieving and their is a weight that lifts off my shoulders with every item that we are able to convert into cash.

Last year Ada didn’t really understand what was going on for Christmas and this year she had only a vague sense of what was happening.  I’m glad that we were able to take advantage of her young perspective and not go overboard with stuff while still keep things magical enough that Ada enjoyed the holiday.

On Christmas day we drove up to Edmonton and spent the night there with some friends.  Night time got a bit strenuous with Ada not really understanding that we wouldn’t be going home to sleep.  I’m expecting many similar nights like that as we make our way across the country and find a new home.  Unlike our camping roadtrip this past summer, I think Ada had developed a stronger association to her bedroom and stuff now which will be harder to break.

This Christmas we also gave away our artificial tree (to avoid having to move it) and opted to get a real tree for this year.  We were pretty amazed at the tree we got from Ikea for just $20.  Better shape than anything I ever remember getting back in Newfoundland.  It was kind of nice to have the smell of a real tree in the house.