Made it to Ottawa

It was a long 4 days of driving but we made it from Calgary to Ottawa right on schedule.  Will write a longer post about that trip later.

In a rush to get a place before the movers arrived with all our stuff we spent our first day out looking at rental properties. We quickly found something that would be suitable and looks like it will be a good place to live for a while. So we pulled the trigger, signed a lease and got the garage code a couple of days early so the movers could dump our stuff there before the move in date officially starts on Feb 1.

That gives us an extra day of not having to move stuff from temporary storage into the house later which is a huge bonus and will mean I can get back to work on the 2nd.

The new place is way out in the burbs… something I never thought I’d ever want to do is live out there.  But now that I’m going to be working from home full time, there is no commute cost and so there’s really no compelling reason to pay more to live closer to the city core.

Despite choosing to move to Ottawa I haven’t actually spent very much time here. It’s going to be a big change.  So far the biggest thing is that the cold here feels significantly colder – I totally forgot how much moisture changes things.

So far things are looking good.  I think Ottawa is going to be a good adventure.