Looking at Motorcycles

One of my goals for the year was to get another motorcycle, so I started to keep my eyes out for a cheap bike.

Between January and March is supposed to be the best time to buy a motorcycle. dealerships are deep into a seasonal lull and anxious for sales, and anyone selling a used bike at this time is more likely to be motivated to sell.  As a result you are more likely to get a good price if you buy in the dead of winter.

So today I picked up a new helmet. I’m hoping to be ready to go just incase I find a good deal in the coming weeks.  My old helmet was pushing 15 years old, and was LONG overdue for replacement.. so it never made the trip east with us.

I just want an inexpensive small bike. something small, light and fun that I can use to run to the supermarket or take on a summer loop around the countryside.  Top of the list is a Ninja 250.  A reliable small light bike that should be a lot of fun to spin around on.

So my eyes are watching the kijiji ads for something I can get before spring.

Hoping to have this goal for the year checked off sometime this month.