Systematically Hitting Goals

This year I set a decent number of goals in my new years resolutions. In years past often the only time I read those goals again is at the end of the year when I’m evaluating how I did. In the meantime I usually have totally forgotten what my goals are and therefore my success is based more on momentum or luck.

This year I put a monthly calendar reminder in to at least make something systematic about reviewing my progress.  The most obvious impact is that I’m now re-reading my resolutions post to make a mental note of where I stand.

These monthly reviews give me an extra kick to try and accomplish something on a shorter timeframe and make more incremental progress.

Turning a list of aspirations and goals into a process makes things more actionable, accountable, and likely to be successful.

This month I got one of my goals checked off by finding and purchasing a motorcycle.


I’m also making progress on getting a couple of business things implemented.  I’m hoping that April will show some more significant progress in that space.