Finally some summer

It felt like summer was just never going to come, but this week it got warm enough to wash the car and go for a bike ride without coats on.  I could see a buds starting to sprout from the trees.

The birds have been coming out, which has been something that made me realize just how few there were in Calgary in comparision.  The variety and number of song birds we see everytime we go for a stroll along the river is an amazing difference from Calgary.  It’s something I never really particularly noticed when I was living in Calgary, but it’s in stark contrast now to what we have here in Ottawa.

We also got the bikes going now.  Ada has her choice of a balance bike or the bike trailer for longer rides and we’ve been able to get out a couple times now onto the trails for a bit of a ride.  It’s been fun.

The number of waterways around here also really makes me want to buy a canoe or kayak. We have a small pond just about 300m from our house, and there’s a nice boatable river less than 1km away.  It’s just so accessible that I can see it being a fun thing to do for a couple hours on a hot sunny afternoon.