Learning Knots

dfd9a75feaaa7b5a46f55383fbc9b669.jpgI got my learning material for sailing lessons a bit early and have started to try and learn my knots.

It’s interesting that despite learning much of this when I was younger I never really retained any of my knowledge.  Learning them now as an adult gives me more perspective on all the times and all of the things that I could have done better had I known better knots for different situations.

Looking back at the times I tied things to the roof of the car, or tied the trunk closed or tied the hammock to a tree and resorted to just using LOTs of knots instead of 1 or 2 of the right knots.

I think now I see the value in learning these knots in a way that I couldn’t really appreciate when I was younger.

After chatting with the sailing course organizer I found out that only 50% of the students will pass the course – which is more motivation to work on much of these things now.