Work Trip to Cancun Coming Up

cancun_hotels_aerial_beach_view.jpgWhen working with a distributed team it can be difficult to really develop personal connections with people. Many of my co-workers work from home or from one of the handful of small offices in Calgary, Denver, and Austin.  To work in this type of environment we use a chat platform as the primary way to communicate and have daily video chats.

But even with all the technology there’s no substitute for sitting at the same table as someone to work on things.  Ideas flow better when you can bat them back and forth in person.

Thanks to a healthy business and a generous management team the whole company is going to Cancun for a week long retreat to work on the beach.  I’m prepping to leave on Sunday.

It’ll be my first time to Mexico and a tropical resort, so I got my vaccines for Typhoid and Hep B, as well as one for Traveller’s Diarrhea.

Since it is a work trip, we will still be working full-time for the week we are there, but it’ll be much nicer to work from the beach with 32 degree temperatures and a nice ocean breeze.

While I’m away, Heather’s parents are going to visit and help wrangle Ada.