Camping At Murphy’s Point

This past weekend we went for a one night camping trip to Murphy’s Point just 1 hour from home.  Ada had been excited about going camping for weeks.


The camping sites were really nice – probably the nicest ones I’ve been to. Everything is under a canopy of tall trees and on some short rolling hills that act as privacy and noise barriers that help make it a pleasant retreat.

Late at night I had a close encounter with a racoon who came by to steal some popcorn and an apple from us. Those animals have no fear.

Part of the trip we spent in the nearby town of Perth, which was quite a nice spot. All the old buildings and scottish heritage give it a nice character.  We grabbed a couple of beers from the local Perth Brewery and some fresh strawberries from the farmers market.

On Sunday we rented a canoe and took Ada out for a short paddle.  She really enjoyed being out on the water.

For sure a nice way to spend the weekend