Race Crewing

I completed the CanSail 1 and 2 course which was excellent. It was nice to get a bit of experience under my belt and start to feel confident sailing dinghies.

With the course now completed, and no boat of my own to sail I’m putting my name down on the list at the sailing club to crew in for other skippers that need a partner for race nights.

Dinghy races happen once or twice a week in the evenings and then the regattas and championship races usually happen on the weekends.  With the course tuition I also got a membership at the sailing club that allows me to crew in on these races. So I’m taking advantage of that and hoping to get out on the water a few more times this summer.

Sailing was a ton of fun and a nice skill that I’m glad I can have under my belt. Getting out on the water was great escape from the usual office work and proved to be very good for my eyesight training. All in all I’m really happy that I picked this as something to learn and engage with this year.