Dreaming About Sailing

sailing dream

Since finishing my Sailing lessons I have been getting even more enamoured with the idea of doing a longer sailing trip and perhaps eventually getting my own sailing boat.  The more I read and learn about it the more intrigued I am with what might be possible.

There’s actually a large community of livaboard sailors and families who make their boat into a home all around the world.  Some of those people have put together great resources of YouTube channels, blogs and podcasts.  I’ve been getting a taste of this different way of living and it has opened my eyes to a very different lifestyle as well is re-adjusted my concept of what is possible.

Doing things like crossing the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans is done by 1000’s of small sailboats every year.  People raise their children on boats while sailing around the world.

I expect that next year I will take another sailing course on bigger boats and learn more about navigation, tides and handling of keel boats.  The thoughts on buying a boat is that it might be something to get instead of a cabin, as a place to get away to in the summer on the weekends.  That purchase is still a couple years out at least and not something to rush into without much more experience.