Resolution Review

This morning I looked back at my resolutions for the year to see what my progress has been so far.  It’s fair to say that for most of the year my goals were out of sight and out of mind and so little progress was made on many of them.

Now that it’s getting into fall it’s time to re-prioritize and do what I can to address the procrastination.

My goal of doing 50 chinups is going to be nearly impossible at this point.  I need to create a daily ritual to make better progress on this.

My reading schedule has slowed down as well.  Finding time to read was a real struggle this year and something I need to give higher priority.  Most of my reading this year has been magazines.

Coding some Machine Learning related projects has been hampered by my reading progress.  I have a stack of ML books to get through.

The remainder of my goals for the year are doing well.  Reading and exercise need a renewed push for the last part of the year.