Finding Investments

Post Trump win I decided the stock market was an uncertainty and sold out of most of my investments.  Unfortunately that meant I missed out on the biggest stock market rally of the year.  What I didn’t foresee was that the prospect of increased US debt created a large exodus from the bond market and flooded the stock market with lots of extra money.

For the last week my mind has been spinning with another investment possibility.  Buying a charter yacht in the Caribbean. I’ve pulled down data on 1100+ yachts to do an in-depth analysis on the market and cross referenced with price information in the used boat market. I wrote some code to model it out and generate some additional estimates for expected net profit for each of the boats I could find.  The analysis is still going on, but I’m hopeful that it will point to how to run a successful charter business and what kind of boat provides the lowest risk option.

The prospect of buying a business that is more ‘off the shelf’ brought up an interesting thought.  Much of my past entrepreneurial energy has been geared towards innovative ideas.  Conversely, something ‘simple’ that thousands of other people run is interesting – the viability is not in question – the question is what is required to compete.

A simple business would provide a chance to focus on the mechanics of running a business. The leadership, strategies, marketing, hiring/firing, and accounting aspects with less uncertainty around the core concept.  It’s a chance to grow professionally without risking a livelihood.  Running  a charter business could prove to be an interesting side venture that doesn’t conflict with my day job and give me an amazing vacation option every year.