A Step Towards Minimalism

Last week I watched a documentary on Netflix about minimalism.  It’s something that I always try to strive for – focus on the things I care about and remove the distraction of things you don’t care about.  I like to throw stuff out or give it away when I can, but things gradually start to accumulate and require a purging to re-evaluate the value of your stuff.

So over the weekend I did some purging.  The office is all cleaned up, a bunch of old cables and adaptors, cameras and iPods are headed for the recycling depot. Storage under the stairs got cleaned out and re-packed. My toolbox (which is a source of great frustration every time I need a screwdriver) got emptied and sorted. My clothing got a review and old stuff was donated. And digital files got re-organised and moved to my file server or deleted.

What a relief.

One of my tasks for this week is to sell my laptop.  It won’t replaced with another computer.  There’ll be one less computer in the house and I’ll make better use of the desktop computer I already have.