Morning Time

For the past 3 weeks I have been getting up early to help out with some overtime work for an end of year push. Getting up to start work at 7am was easy to adjust to but now that I’m switching back to a regular 40 hour work week I’m going to try to keep to the 7am schedule – even on weekends.

Early in the morning before anyone else wakes up is the only stretch of time I have to work on personal projects.  I can close my door during work hours and not get interrupted, but once 5pm hits there is so much pent up demand for my attention that it becomes impossible to read a book or do a little bit of coding.  The mornings are a bit of quiet preciousness.

I started my journal at the beginning of the year and with that I’m trying to create a new morning ritual. I start each day by making some tea and doing a quick review in the journal and writing out what I hope to get done today. Then I try to do those things immediately before anyone else is awake.  I need to keep things simple and quick, since there is usually only 2 hours I will get before getting interrupted.

For example today my 4 things to do are:

  1. memorise the phonetic alphabet – Alpha, Bravo Charlie – for the VHF course
  2. write this blog post
  3. add a timezone field to
  4. fix a bug on the last slide of my video renderer (new project)

Keeping things this short forces me to not get too overly ambitious with what I will get done in a single day and makes it easier to feel that accomplishment when it does get done.  Setting things up so that I can get everything done in the morning is another psychological trick – it doesn’t matter how badly the rest of the day goes, there will be something positive to look back at.

If this proves sustainable, 2017 will be a very productive year.