The Rewards of Journaling

I am now 3 weeks into my daily Bullet Journal which is long enough to have some initial impressions.

So far it has lived up to the perceived benefits.  Each day I try to think of 2-4 things I want to do, these are actionable items like mow the lawn, write a blog post or read a chapter of a book.  So far it has been unexpectedly effective at making me get things done in a way that moves the needle.  It’s an exercise each morning to think about what are the things I want to do on any day. You have to be explicit about what you what to accomplish and what actionable step you can fit into your schedule for that day.  Writing them down acts as a commitment on that action.  So far this effect has resulted in me finishing several tasks which I had been procrastinating on for months prior.

Looking back through my previous 3 weeks of tasks it is amazing just how much you can get done. Here’s a sample of what happened in the last 21 days:

  • made several key improvements to
  • worked on a video creation script that takes photos and text and generates videos
  • finished studying my VHF course material and memorised the phonetic alphabet
  • re-built my NAS in a new case
  • re-built my Linux desktop computer and upgraded to SSD
  • reorganised a lot of my data, backups, movies, TV shows, documents etc.
  • did a major purge stuff from my home office, downsized my wardrobe and reviewed everything we have in storage
  • sold my old MacBook Air on Kijiji
  • upgraded my iPhone and traded in/recycled two old iPhones
  • researched and did quick test on a drop-shipping business using aliexpress
  • Ran a test ad campaign on Facebook Ads for the drop-shipping website
  • wrote an ad strategy to further test with Facebook Ads
  • created a monthly budget spreadsheet in google docs
  • donated 30 books to the library
  • attended an information session for kindergarten registration
  • completed and submitted a Passport renewal application
  • Visited several show homes and collected information about buying/building a house.

I can honestly say that without a notebook and pen and the daily practice of thinking about and writing down a couple things to do each day most of this would never have happened. A $20 Journal might be one of the best investments I’ve made in the last while.  I really hope I can maintain this for the full year.  I’ll be amazing to look back at 12 months of logs and see a list of things 15x longer than this one.