Brainstorming Week

After reading Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future I was pretty charged up and inspired to start working on something more long term and meaningful. Since the book was published Elon has also gone on to create several more businesses that weren’t mentioned – OpenAI, The Boring Company, and NeuraLink.  Elon’s ambition to tackle really hard problems that have long term massive impact potential is admirable and inspiring.

The problem with reading books like that for me is that it always gets me thinking.  What kind of things could I build? What ideas are worth the risk? Could I take the same leap of faith to pursue a goal that Elon has on several occasions?

Several times over the last few years I have found myself thinking that the world needs a few more people like Elon Musk to solve audacious problems.

Now I have a little bit of insight into how to create another Elon, the traits and stepping stones that could be modelled.

Along those lines, I have been doing a lot of brainstorming over the last couple weeks. I will be trying to prototype some of the ideas and further develop them over the next couple of months as part of my goal to have 12 software projects implemented this year.

The idea to work on for April is to find a way to fund open source.  It has been tried, but no one has found the right formula yet.