Niro Baby

So, as mentioned in a previous post we have been long debating what to do about a boat/cottage/RV/car purchase. The final resolution was to hold off on all those extras and focus on simple road trips with a mix of hotel and tent camping.  With that in mind, what we had considered as a budget for a boat, cottage or RV, could be cancelled out, and put towards hotels or a better car.

The RV would have required a large SUV or truck (which I’m not interested in owning). and the boat or cottage would have limited our ability to explore.

But it was time to retire the 10 year old Civic. It was just becoming too uncomfortable for longer trips (mostly from wind noise).

Without the need for towing capacity, we were able to focus on the features we wanted in a car: fuel efficiency, storage and comfort. I was particularly interested in a something with an electric motor.

After much research we landed on the new Kia Niro. But they are in tight supply and will take about a month before one is delivered and we get to take possession.

We’ve already started scouting out road trip ideas.