The Side Hustle

Within the tech startup scene there is the popular notion of a side hustle – a business started after hours from a full-time job.

Hustling on various ideas is something that I have been doing for 10 years.  Back when I was living in Vancouver in 2006 I was getting into internet marketing – launching websites, running ad campaigns and learning how to write sales copy. After moving to Calgary I started several more ventures, most notably building and publishing mobile apps and games. After a slow couple of years since having a daughter, I’m back into building up a new idea.

Fosterous is a crowdfunding platform aimed at making it possible to earn an income from developing free and open source software. My vision is to create a platform that allows open source developers to earn a full-time living from their work and perhaps even get rich from them.

We currently live in a world where YouTube stars can film themselves using a smartphone without a script to earn millions and become celebrities. Meanwhile the people maintaining core software that underpins the world economy and major corporations work for free after hours from their regular job.

It doesn’t quite seem fair to me.

So I’m going to attempt to find a workable solution and continue to iterate on things until it catches on.  I’ve learned some lessons from working with dozens of companies over the last few years about how to run a lean company and hope to have a success on my hands in a couple more months of developing the ideas.