Challenging Yourself

Part of being human is our natural aversion to changes. We are good at doing what is comfortable. In fact our ability to create habits and fallback to established patterns is part of what makes our day-to-day manageable.

But sometimes our logical mind requires that we change things, or do something for which is outside our comfort zone.

When you can step back and recognize that this is what’s happening you can gain some power over yourself to do things differently. What you do differently will depend on the situation but in general it usually comes down to 2 things: 

  1. Reframe things mentally to make them more tolerable. (The imagine everyone naked approach)
  2. Practice until it is no longer hard. (Join toastmasters approach)

 I’m finding myself in that situation now. To get my first users on Fosterous I need to switch from a technical role I am very comfortable with to sales and customer service roles.  I recognize this hurdle and notice that the instinctual response is procrastination. 

It’s tough to fight with your own mind, but challenges like this is what learning, growth and opportunity.