Need More Travel

On my recent trip to San Francisco I was struck by the the amount of travelling being done by my co-workers there.  It was a stark difference from the amount of travelling that I have been able to do over the last 10 years.

Flying within Canada is stupidly expensive. My understanding is that the costs come primarily from airport rents, taxes and a lack of competition. It’s unfortunate that the Canadian government doesn’t incentivize internal travel to help promote a more cohesive country.  I believe it is a missed opportunity.

My American co-workers seemed to have been everywhere.  They could compare thoughts on the best things to do at state parks three states away. One was just back from China, another back from a trip to Greece and Hawaii.  I overheard someone say “I’ll be sure to check that out the next time I’m in Paris.” They knew all the wineries in Napa, and seemed to have been to most of the major cities in the country.

My only overseas travel in the last decade was one trip to France.  1 trip in 10 years. Most of my vacations have been short regional road trips.

Honestly, I think I’m a bit jealous of the experiences that I could be having more of.

There is already a tropical vacation in the calendar for the winter. To add to that, next summer I want to do another trip, either fly somewhere or do a more epic road trip down the east coast – perhaps as far as Florida.