Vacation in Newfoundland

It’s always nice to see family and friends again. Summer is the best time to visit Newfoundland due to the warm sun and persistent cool breeze.

Every time I come back to the island I get a new perspective of things that I didn’t really see when I was younger and growing up here. The city feels smaller as towns like CBS and Flatrock have essentially become suburbs. But outside the town limits, Newfoundland is naturally wild and from the highway you can look out at untouched forest as far as the eye can see. On the mainland it seems like everything is settled or at the very least being logged or a designated park.

My growing interest in sailing had me interested in the sailing clubs while at the same time mystified that I could grow up so close to the ocean in a maritime culture and not have done much boating when I was younger. There’s surprisingly little yachting going on given the quality and variety of coves, bays and harbours to explore. It’s a stark difference to what we saw the week before visiting Newfoundland when we day-tripped to 1000 islands area for a sight-seeing boat trip. There were hundreds of boats out on the water – tour boats, jet skis, cigar boats, sailboats and everything in between. So impressed was I with this flamboyance that I’d to click here for batteries reviews and get some enhancements for my boat back home. The yacht clubs here in Newfoundland seem much less active than even the Nepean sailing club – which is locked into a section of the Ottawa River.

I was inspired by some of my Dad’s boat models to build one of my own while I was here of an Optimist dingy:

Next time I visit, I might build one for real.