Learning to Cruise

I did a last minute signup for a Basic Cruising Sailing course last week and just finished a full weekend of sailing on the Ottawa River while learning more theory.  It was one of my goals for the year to take another sailing course.

It was nice to see that my muscle memory and habits stuck pretty well from the dingy sailing course I did last summer considering that I hadn’t done any sailing since finishing that course.

This course is 4 full days over 2 weekends and we are learning on a 22ft boat.

The most interesting thing for me in contrast to learning last year on the 420s is that now we are getting out to the main part of the river where all the boat traffic is.  As a result we are dealing more with right of way decisions. It’s amazing just how popular sailing is around here – there were hundreds of boats on the water over the weekend. The Nepean Sailing Club is actually the largest sailing club in Canada (500+ boats) and is just one of 4 marinas in this part of the Ottawa River.  So there’s a lot of traffic to keep aware of.

The more I get down to the club and out on the water the more interested I get in finding a way to get a boat of my own. Maybe someday.