New Car

It took nearly 4 months from the time we made a down payment at the Kia dealership until taking possession of our new Kia Niro.  It didn’t seem like it was that exotic of a car that it takes 1/3rd of a year to deliver one.  But now we have what is probably the only red touring edition Niro in the city.

We put a couple hundred kilometres on it over the weekend. It’s fun to play with all the new gadgets.

One thing that I’ve been particularly intrigued by is all the driving assist features.  Adaptive cruise control, lane departure warnings, and automatic emergency braking make highway driving semi-automated.  The car doesn’t steer for me, but if I do a bad job it will beep at me. As a result, it’s interesting to see the remaining ‘human’ tasks for driving as nearly trivial.

We picked this car specifically for doing road trips. I think it’ll be perfect for the job.  the 40L gas tank looks like it will get us 900km.  That’s 2x what we could get in the Civic.  So now we just need to plan some more weekend trips to Montreal, Toronto, and Quebec City.  I also want to drive through some more of the US east coast next year and see Boston, New York, Washington DC, and perhaps drive all the way to Florida.