2018 New Years Resolutions

Every year I have decided to commit to some annual goals.  And over the years I have found little tricks to help keep these top of mind throughout the following 12 months, and create systems so that there is a higher likelihood of successfully meeting my goals.

My 2017 goals and the status of them were:

  • do a quarterly 5 day fast – I was able to do this and it seemed to be helpful
  • do sailing classes – Done, did a keel boat class and got my marine radio license
  • keep a journal – done,  I have a daily ritual of writing in my journal
  • 12 coding projects – pivoted.  after a few projects I found one that was worth going deeper on and started doing more work on it.
  • give up alcohol – made it 6 months
  • go on a family vacation – went to Newfoundland

For 2018 the goals are:

  • focus on health – do another 5 day fast each quarter as 2017, but also improve day to day diet
  • develop a sustainable exercise plan and meet a weekly goal
  • continue to keep using my Journal daily
  • work on a blockchain project
  • buy a house

Like 2017, I will be using my calendar and journal as tools to help keep these goals

I found out from a recent doctor visit that I have high cholesterol. So I’m starting to put a bigger focus on my health. I’ve started to question the wisdom of my previous dietary choices and am going to be looking for a better approach.  I’m thinking of trying to make 2018 the year I make legumes a bigger part of my diet and start to shift away from eating so much meat.  Still a lot of reading needed before I can make an intelligent decision.

The journal really helped me see what I was accomplishing every day and month.  I think I would get even more benefit out of it if I create new rituals around the weekly and monthly time periods to give time for reflection and planning.  This is something I’m still experimenting with and will hopefully improve on in 2018.

Even though Ottawa is ridiculously cold in the winter we have come to appreciate all that the area has to offer. The city is big, but not too big, it has great parks and museums. There is plenty of things within driving distance – Montreal and Toronto, cute towns like Perth, great campgrounds, and cool getaways like The 1000 Islands. It’ll be a good place to call home for the foreseeable future and so we may as well buy a house. 2018 seems like the year we’ll finally get a realtor and make it happen.

I have high hopes for my projects this year.