House Hunting

It has been two years since we moved to Ottawa and for those two years we have been renting a house. The idea was two-fold. First, it allowed us to take the money from selling the house and invest it in stocks – increasing the diversity of investments and hopefully getting better returns. Secondly it gave us time to get a feel for Ottawa and decide if and where in the city we would want to buy.

Turns out that Ottawa suits us pretty well and so we’re going to stick around here for the foreseeable future. We have started to look for a home that will meet our needs for the next 10-15 years.

We started to honestly look at houses and got ourselves a realtor and pre-approval for a mortgage.

The market in Ottawa is tight right now. Many houses are being sold on the same day they list which puts the pressure on to make an offer quickly or else houses will slip by. It’s a sellers market right now, which makes it hard to find a good deal as a buyer.

We’ll see where things go. Today we are looking at two houses. Hopefully we’ll find something by the spring.