Skewing Vegetarian

One of the first things I’ve been focused on this year has been to improve my health, starting with my diet.

For much of the last few years I had been impressed with the keto approach because it has been effective at controlling my weight. However it seems that it has been negatively affecting my cholesterol levels.

A bit more reading and researching points to the long term benefits of vegetarian diets.  In particular, if you look at which communities of humans live the longest and healthiest you’ll find they eat a predominantly plant based diet with perhaps fish 2-3 times per week and meat only on rare occasions.

So I have started to lean more towards a vegetarian diet.  In that effort I’m eating more bean and lentil based meals and having a daily whey protein shake. While I don’t think there’s a need to be religious about avoiding meat entirely, I’m going to try to limit my meat consumption.

The last time I tried switching to a vegetarian diet it was a disaster.  I ended up having so few food choices readily available that I ended up eating a lot of junk food – potato chips, french fries etc to satisfy my hunger and as a result gained 10lbs in 1 month.

This time around I’m trying to take a more informed approach and finding meals that are filling and satisfying without resorting to junk food.  I’ve filled my cupboards with cans of beans and lentils and collected recipes to try and use them all.

Hopefully I’ll start to see some of the effects of this dietary change over the next few months. And have a good results from my next blood test.