Working in the Dark – One of the Ultimate Productivity Hacks

I have noticed a trend in my ability to focus and get things done – frequently working late at night is when I can get really deep into a problem and work for many hours without distraction and really get into a flow state.

There is the old anecdote of the white tennis shoes which is well known by authors.  Don’t keep your white tennis shoes in the room where you work. Why? Because you’ll eventually see the shoes out of the corner of your eye, notice the smudge of dirt on them and decide to clean them.  Several hours later you’ll have cleaned the whole office and never have added a word to the book you were supposed to be writing.

These kinds of distractions are very real, and I think it relates to how easy it can be to work in the dark.

Without any light to see those ‘shoes’ the only thing to look at is your monitor and the work you have in front of you. It can be hard to remove all possible distractions, but working in the dark is a great way to engross yourself in the task at hand. The papers, pens, headphones, books on your desk can disappear into the dark.

give it a try.