Pinched Nerve

For the last couple of weeks I have been dealing with a pinched nerve in my neck. Then magically, it fixed itself.

Pinched nerves are rather annoying, the symptoms I had were not always indicative of where the problem was. For a period of 2 weeks my arm or hands would go numb several times a night. Occasionally there was a lingering tingling in my pinky and ring fingers through the day. Adjusting my posture would very quickly relieve the symptoms.

I ended up doing a lot of back exercises to try and strengthen and stabilize in and around my spine. Which seemed to eventually allow me to hold a good posture through the night and fix the discomfort.

Getting more exercise is one of my big goals for the year. Thus far I’ve been mostly just focused on doing more walking. After dealing with this experience with my neck I’m working in a more significant routine to build some more core strength.